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Difference Between Leg Ulcers

"Libernauta 2011": PROTECTED BAND (Part II)

Yesterday the second (and last time) meeting of the brave authors BAND PROTECTED Florentine with the students and their adolescent turbulence within "Libernauta 2011. Forty
rough boys high school Castelnuovo hopefully have spent at least a little 'attention and with which, however, we had fun.

What then, 'I'm Libernauta project that's cool. Apart from the graphics device (web and flyers), you know, I review the student who best (positively or not) one of the 15 books in an inter-rail competition wins. In my city, 'the dream of these things there.
Vote BAND PROTECTED, and if you are high school Florentine recensitelo.
Positively, it is clear.

Special thanks to Valerie, who among us has led us libernauti: a little 'our Virgil in this beautiful adventure, which we hope to repeat with a new book shit-kickers.

Ah, something that has nothing to do but it is beautiful, and I discover only now (per case): one of my anti-racist cartoon ( the Taoist, entitled "Summary" ) was inserted in the book-dossier "Freedom of Ideas" at the XIV meeting on human rights organized by the Tuscan Region, which was held in December 2010 in Florence.
Read and download all the beautiful 300-page dossier HERE.
's an honor. Thanks.


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Message For New Twins


Mario you're a genius!

Hintergrundbilder 2560

Tears (in hell)